Healthcare Services Focus On Your Patients

EHR Implementation

An EHR system is one of the most expensive and important decisions that healthcare companies make. We can guide your project from the initial selection through the complete go live process.

Practice Management Implementation

Everyone knows the importance of getting paid for your services. We can implement your new financial or practice management system or even maximize your current system.

PACS Implementation & Administration

Coordinating various modalities, sites, and vendors can be a daunting task. We can implement your PACS system or administer your current PACS and modalities.

Meaningful Use Guidance

Meaningful Use requirements are complicated and not always well understood. We have consulted on both inpatient and ambulatory MU stage 1 projects. We are now working on stage 2. What stage are you at?

Project Management

Healthcare projects can be complicated and require project managers to understand both the business, technical and even the clinical aspects of healthcare. We have experience with managing projects from EHR all the way to pharmacy management systems.

HIPAA Audits and Risk Analysis

Keeping up with government regulations regarding technology mandates and HIPAA compliance can be a challenging task. We can perform HIPAA security audits and establish risk analysis processes to identify and mitigate your security issues.

HL7 Interface Development

Interfaces are one of the most important, yet complex facets of healthcare IT. Allow our analysts and developers to implement, manage or create HL7 interfaces to connect your various systems or partners' systems.

Custom Solution Development

No matter how complete your solution may be, there will always be bridges to gap. Let us help solve some of your most nagging problems with a custom solution.

IT Services Advance Your Business

Contract IT Services

Let us manage your network and infrastructure, while you focus on your business. Block time or scheduled service contracts available to replace or supplement your IT staff.

Network Assessments

Stop guessing and let us do a complete review and assessment of your network. We will deliver a complete report including guidance to address shortcomings or issues with your network.

Consulting Services

Whether your company is in need of a solution to a problem or wants to expand its current capabilities, we will find a solution that works. Allow our consulting experts to help your company achieve its goals today.

Desktop & Network Support

When your computer or your network goes down, the last thing you want to worry about is how to fix it. We can quickly address your problems with a range of onsite and remote services.

Server Infrastructure Design & Administration

Setting up a server and administrating it can take up valuable resources and time. By bringing in our technical know-how, we can design and maintain your server infrastructure so you do not have to.

Network Infrastructure Installation

Your network infrastructure is literally the backbone of your entire information system. Let us design and install a network solution to provide the fastest and most reliable platform for your entire business / enterprise.

Structured Cabling

Allow yourself to focus on running your business instead of running new cable. Our skilled staff are trained in installing CAT5E, CAT6 and many different fiber optics products. In addition, we can organize and document your existing cabling to lower maintenance costs and time.

Network Monitoring & Management

When you depend on your network, you want to make sure that you are always covered. We monitor servers and networks 24/7 so we can address issues, before they become problems that can affect your business.

Project Management

Need help with getting your IT projects on budget and on time? We use the latest Agile project management methods and a variety of tools to help plan, organize and manage your projects.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Let us share our wealth of experience from managing a data center through several regional and local disasters. We can take some of the headache out of planning for a major catastrophe and provide an action plan to follow in the event of a potential natural disaster.

Security Audits

Have us do an evaluation to discover potential security risks and pitfalls on your network and computer systems. We will provide a complete report with possible solutions to rectify security issues that are discovered in this process.

Development Services Develop Your Business

Enterprise Solution Development

When you have complex needs that cannot be satisfied with standard off-the-shelf software, let our team analyze and design a solution for you. We are able to leverage our experience and the latest tools to create an applications tailored to your needs.

Mobile Application Development

Smartphones and tablets have created a whole new trend in computing. These new "always connected" tools are creating exciting new ways to think about the enterprise. Let our developers create mobile apps that can keep your people connected.

Application Integration

Today, applications are only as useful as the information that they can share. We specialize in creating software to connect various applications, systems and the people that use them.

Interface Design & Management

Our designers keep up with the latest design paradigms and trends. We can provide our design expertise and ideas to create a complete user experience (UX) for new products or even existing products.

Application Architecture Consulting

Architecture is one of the most overlooked aspects of development. The current trends of cloud computing and scaling applications only further complicate this issue. We can provide the guidance and resources to create a solid and maintainable architecture for your application or solution.

Complex Web Design

SQL Database, jQuery, Responsive Design, ASP.Net, all the technical jargon and complexity of today's websites can be overwhelming. Let our skilled developers and designers get your complex website up and running.

Content Management Solutions

Managing information and configuring the systems that handle it, can be a complex and time consuming challenge. Allow our team to setup, customize and implement a modern content management system to simplify the maintenance of your website or intranet.

Communications Services Connect Your Business

WAN / VPN Design & Installation

Securely connect all your locations and partners. We can help you create reliable and economical connections to help your business operate seamlessly.

Voice Circuit Provisioning

No one likes working with the phone company. Allow us to assist with vendor selection, technical specs and scheduling.

Internet Provisioning

Evaluating your Internet needs, provider, and availability for your business doesn't have to involve hours of wasted time on hold. Give our company the opportunity to take care of these tasks for you, so you don't have to.

VoIP Service Provisioning

If you are looking to find a better and cheaper solution for your telephone system, let us help. We will provide you with a low cost solution that utilizes the latest in VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology.

Telephony Solutions

With all the various options and technologies out there for telephone systems, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Allow us to get your company up and running with the best solution that matches your needs.

Communications Audits & Inventory

Companies waste thousands of dollars a year on services that they don't need or may not even know they have. We can evaluate and inventory your phone lines, Internet access, data circuits, and usage.